Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Theresa May's lack of political acumen gave Jeremy Corbyn a golden gift

Theresa May's lack of political acumen gave Jeremy Corbyn a golden gift

The handling of the incident involving a former MI6 agent has been the lowest point of Theresa May's career as Prime Minister of Britain.

For months, Theresa May has been battered and bruised for her performance in relation to the EU and an elusive deal to settle Britain's withdrawal from the EU.

Of course that in a first instance the incident involving the MI6 former agent and his daughter might have looked like a very good opportunity to divert attention from troublesome negotiations that have divided the Conservative Party from top to botton with factions within the party that threaten to derail the whole Brexit process. When the genie got out of the bottle as the incident got a life of its own, mass media pressures forced the hand of the Prime Minister to make a statement when there isn't concrete evidence about who's done it and why. She accused the Russian government and issued ultimatums that in the end will show how weak she really is. Her behaviour threatens to damage not just relationships between the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation but also relationships that will negatively affect the mass media. When the idea of banning RT was put forward, the Russian Federation immediately said that should Britain ban RT all British media will not be allowed to operate in the Russian Federation. But this is only one aspect of the predicament of her own making.

Another aspect of the predicament is that taking the issue to Parliament as she did she exposed the entire Conservative Party to criticism when the Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn asked the Prime Minister about donations made by Russian oligarchs to the Conservative Party. It is well known that many Russian oligarchs are opposed to President Putin because President Putin has campaigned against Russian oligarchs and chased many of them in cases of fraud. Many of those giving monies to the Conservative Party are naturally against the Russian government and are not reliable witnesses nor the kind of people you would like to be associated with.

Before the incident involving a former MI6 agent came to public knowledge, the Prime Minister was already struggling with the fact that in the electoral contest that is due to take place in May 2018 the Conservative Party is said to be bound to do pretty badly. She practically lost the 2017 General Election because of political miscalculation. If the Conservative Party does as badly as it has been foreseen, her position as Leader of the Conservative Party will become untenable. Giving the Labour Party the motto "Conservative Party funded by Russian Oligarchs", she has done the already faltering Conservative Party no favour whatsoever.

The Conservative Party has a very difficult relationship with many of the local Conservative Party associations and a disastrous performance in the coming local elections will not improve relationships between Central Office and local associations many of which are on a war footing complaining that Central Office imposed on them candidates that they didn't want. This time round the issue is local elections but the next time round it will be about seats in the House of Commons. A weakened leader, a divided Parliamentary party and seriously strained relations between Central Office and local associations is not a recipe for success.

Can the Conservative Party be salvaged? There are several factions in the Conservative Party and there is hardly one person that could unite them all. Jacob Rees Mogg is a highly consistent politician but is resisted by a number of Conservative MPs that have threatened to leave the party if Jacob Rees Mogg is elected Leader of the Conservative Party. In the end, having Jacob Rees Mogg could be a price worth paying for the sake of having a genuine Conservative Party. Jacob Rees Mogg offers traditional Conservative Party principles and clarity of purpose is what the Conservative Party most needs at this moment in time. 

Monday, 12 March 2018

Conservative Party fails to explain why it is accepting money from criminals

Conservative Party fails to explay why it is accepting money from criminals

The anti-Russian hysteria came to a climax in Britain, in a country that produces chemical weapons in Porton Down close to populated areas.

In the process, the Prime Minister failed to explain why the Conservative Party is being funded by criminals who hate President Putinn and hate the Russian Federation.

A whole chapter of fabrications was once again mentioned. Alexander Litvinenko was killed by MI5 when Andrei Lugovoi came to offer Litvinenko safe passage in exchange for compromising evidence against Boris Berezovsky at a time when Berezovsky was supporting Chechen rebels allied to AlQaeda and Taliban when British soldiers were fighting in Afghanistan.

After Alexander Litvinenko's death, I was asked to gather evidence against Boris Berezovsky but Berezovsky was killed by MI5 to tie up loose ends and put an end to the whole saga that was deeply damaging for the British government.

What a shambolic government and what a shambolic Parliament. Jeremy Corbyn was absolutely right to ask Conservatives why they are accepting monies from Mafia but Conservatives refused to return monies from criminals.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Mandela's Dream is over. Anti-White Racism in South Africa

Mandela's dream is over. Anti-White Racism in South Africa

Black gangs killing white South African farmers is not something new. It has been happening for decades as a formerly buoyant South African economy turns into slums. With the assumption of a new President, this is ethnic cleansing on an industrial proportion. Farmers are going to be dispossed and sooner than later whatever is left of the agricultural economy of South Africa is going to go down the drain as it has gone down the drain in many African countries. Sooner than later we will see adverts on television calling for donation to feed the poor black population of South Africa.

Expropiation of land without compensation will be followed by expropiation in other fields of activity and this includes mining. Mandela's dream of a rainbow South Africa is over or should we say that it could never be possible in a country that is now ruled by Black Racists.

At it happened in Zimbabwe but in a much bigger scale, corruption and lack of training will lead to poor production and starvation followed by riots. For many years, the ANC government policy of transfer has left many farms in a very state and unproductive, generating even more misery for those who are already living on the edge. Let us remember that in South Africa, many thousands of children are selling themselves for sex in order to be able to eat and in the process spreading disease with STI including Aids on the increase.

Nelson Mandela's hopes went to his grave. What is rising in South Africa has nothing to do with peaceful coexistence. It is more about nonsensical ideological misery. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Alice in Wonderland: A former British soldier facing court for having fought against Islamic State

British Soldier taken to court in UK because he fought against Islamic State

I have believed for a very long time that Lewis Carroll didn't write Alice in Wonderland as a fictional story but as a true description of Britain where cuckoos reign supreme. A former British soldier is facing court charges of terrorism because he fought against a terrorist organisation called Islamic State, Daesh and so many other things.

Imagine the scenario in which during World War Two a British soldier had been arrested and taken to court accused of fighting against National Socialist Germany. It seems that apart from being related to  the acquisition of pornographic material registered as parliamentary expenses, the then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith produced a monstruous piece of legislation that is being used for political purposes and to generate irrational court cases. Ah, by the way, Police resources and other resources including expenditure involving the Crown Prosecution Service are being lamentably wasted, once again, in cuckoo cases.

We live in a world in which Turkey (a NATO member) is fighting against a Kurdish group that is fighting against Islamic State, a Kurdish group that is supported by two other NATO members namely United Kingdom and the USA. To put it mildly, NATO is fighting against NATO.

But there is a lot more. You might have seen Prime Minister Theresa May during her visit to China, talking about building trade opportunities with China. Just a few days later a warship of the British Navy was sent to the Sea of China to 'put pressure on China'. You couldn't possibly make it up. Britain is sending ship to the Sea of China to try and put pressure on China the very same country the British Prime Minister recently visited to promote trade agreements.

For all that matters, the sending of a single ship to the Sea of China is a meaningless gesture that would have the same effect as the sending of the same ship to the Bermuda Triangle. The Royal Navy that could soon see their numbers cut - once again - with the dismantling of the Royal Marines is wasting money in meaningless gestures. Britain doesn't have enough ships to patrol its own costal waters and is having to borrow American planes to chase submarines because it doesn't have enough planes of her own.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Former East Germany literally unrepresented in new German Coalition

East Germany unrepresented in German government

For East Germany literally unrepresented in new German Coalition (that might or might not be depening no how SPD members vote to approve or disapprove of the deal made by Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz.

Martin Schulz wanted to be the new Foreign Secretary (Secretary for Foreign Affairs) but he was rebuked by members of his own party already.

Alternative für Deutschland is particularly strong in Saxony as more and more Germans march against so called mainstream political parties that no longer represent them.

Changes are coming and it is just a matter of time for a new political party to take over the reins of power in Germany.

Alternative für Deutschland: Ready to open its own Newsroom in Germany

Alternative für Deutschland - Germany's Official Opposition in the Bundestag - ready to open its own Newsroom

Given the campaign of disinformation carried out by German mass media and other mass media like the BBC, SKY, CNN and others that usually tend to spread rumours, innuendo and disinformation in a campaign to demonize legitimate political parties, Alternative für Deutschland is ready to launch its own Newsroom to counter Liberal and Marxist disinformation.

The aim is to reach German voters directly without the distortions generated by so called mainstream mass media. The news service will work round the clock and we look forward to the implementation of this new initiative for Freedom of Speech and a Free Press.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Germany: Rise of National Socialism is not if but when

Germany: Rise of National Socialism is not if but when

Political repression in Germany will accelerate the process that will lead to the rise of National Socialism.

The Establishment believes that banning political organisations and sending people to jail for daring to disagree while implementing policies that are ruining Germany is the solution to their problems.

As the chaos generated by flood immigration that brought with it terrorism and fear is increasing, more and more people are coming out and calling things for what they are.

CDU/CSU had the worst electoral performance and SDU didn't do any better. Why on earth can anybody believe that two of the main losers in German Elections will be able to maintain political stability in Germany? Automation, the closure of viable industries that create jobs coupled with mass migration will lead to unemployment and unemployment will lead to confrontation. Do Germans want Angela Merkel? No, they don't. Do Germans want Schulz? No, they don't. The Establishment knows that and sooner than later the reactions will come from within the German Establishment which is exactly what led to 1933.

Germany has an instinct for Ordnung and it knows that Merkel and Shulz can only produce expensive and dangerous chaos.