Tuesday, 3 April 2018

British Ministry of Defense says there is no evidence of Russian involvement

Prime Minister Theresa May has been exposed as a laughing stock. Her government and those in Parliament from all political parties that jumped to conclusions without evidence are a laughing stock.

Time for apologies to the Russian Federation and to the Russian people and also apologies to all Diplomatic staff and their families affected by Theresa May's stupidity.

From British Empire to British Circus ruled by clowns.

Monday, 2 April 2018

On Jewish Holocaust and other issues

On Jewish Holocaust and other issues

World War Two has been a subject of interest in my family for understandable reasons and had a profound impact on me from my early childhood. Today, more than 70 years after the end of World War Two both in terms of events that happened during World War Two and after World War Two, the subject appears to be as relevant or even more relevant that it was in the days of World War Two.

We are daily bombarded with references to World War Two and words pertaining to the ideologies very much linked to the conflict are very much part of today's political discourse. There are legal cases across Europe concerning World War Two and this includes Britain where there are legal cases in British courts and there is intense debate involving political parties regarding Jewish issues

A few days ago, in Poland, a law was passed banning references to Polish participation in the plight of the Jews, practically saying that no Poles were involved in the plight of the Jews when in fact history tells us that Poles, Ukrainians and peoples of many other nationalities including French, Italians and even The Vatican were involved in the plight of the jews. 

There is no denying that there was active and deliberate persecution of Jews in Europe but there are serious doubts about numbers and methodology and anybody who raises serious questions about the official version of events suddenly finds himself or herself under attack. Knowing history and accounts about history, many things cannot be written in stone and so called official versions are bound to be countered when new evidence arises showing that official accounts are not accurate or are in dire need of amendments. If it is valid when it comes to the Titanic or the fate of the Russian Imperial Family, it is valid when it comes to the persecution of Jews in Europe - no matter how many laws are passed to deny individuals the right to ask questions and to raise doubts about the veracity of many historical events.

I look at developments in Europe during World War Two and it becomes immediately apparent that there are serious cracks in official versions of events and especially when what is known as the Jewish Holocaust is said to have reached a climax when Germany was fighting in several fronts in Europe, in Africa and in the Middle East. Germany was fully committed in the battlefields. Whoever was not deployed in the battlefields had to be used in the home front to produce what was necessary to keep Germany alive and this was not just about what was necessary to continue the war effort. Manpower had been stretched to the limit. Because Germany didn't have enough manpower, slave workers were employed and foreign nationals did run so called concentration camps.
Fuel was in short supply. Much of the effort made by the Afrika Korps was done to secure oil sources to keep the Wehrmacht operational and after events in Africa and Middle East lack of basic supplies marked the beginning of the end because every bit of fuel available was desperately needed to prevent Soviet advances in the East and to prevent Allied advances both in the West in the South.

Logic tells us that being so over-stretched, the running of the camps would been even more severely affected. If there was little the local population could get with constant bombardment, there would have been even less resources available for concentration camps. If people outside concentration camps were facing extreme rationing, those in concentration camps would certainly be facing starvation and therefore most of the deaths in concentration camps would have been caused by starvation and diseases related to starvation. Those found still alive when then camps were taken were found suffering from extreme malnutrition and this reinforces the idea that malnutrition and lack of basic sanitary facilities were in fact the biggest killers.

When Germar Rudolf then working for the Max Planck Institute suggested that there were not enough chemicals to justify the official versions of events, he was fired and was also forced to forget about his PhD at the University of Stuttgart. As if this wasn't enough, a warrant of arrest was issued forcing him to flee to Spain, to England and ultimately to the USA from where he was extradited to face courts in Germany. Germany, a highly cultured country, prosecutes anybody who dares to challenge the official version of events even if the official version of events cannot be supported with factual information. Starvation, diseases related to starvation and ailments caused by poor sanitation seemed to be the most likely cause of death in concentration camps. Vast numbers of people living in very crowded conditions would have been prone to contract lethal infectious diseases very much as it happened during several plagues in the history of the European Continent. Burning corpses in ovens or pires or burying them in collective graves would have been the obvious way of disposing of the corpses of those who had succumbed to starvation or disease.

Was there persecution of Jews? Yes, there was persecution of Jews but camps were not only meant for Jews but also for peoples of other ethnic backgrounds including prisoners of war. Life in crowded conditions combined with malnutrition leading to starvation and illnesses was the most important cause of death. There were executions but not enough to justify the numbers that were registered as factual information when in fact they were the product of speculation. We will never know how many people died during World War Two including those who died from natural causes. If it is difficult to ascertain the number of casualties in today's conflicts, we can imagine that during World War Two it would have been even more difficult to determine accurate numbers.

People who have different views about what happened in those days should not be criminalised. Was there persecution? Yes, there was. Did people die in concentration camps? Yes, they did. How many died? We will never know. How many died from starvation and diseases? We don't know because there are no records. There are not enough records of executions and there are not enough records of any other cause of death. Numbers that have been presented as facts are the product of speculation.

It was a terrible time in history. Millions died that should not have died and this includes men, women and children. It was a tragedy but it was a tragedy for all those involved. Nobody should be allowed to use the said tragedy as a propaganda tool for spurious purposes - regardless of nationality, religion or any other classification criteria or background.

World War Two is not the historical patrimony of the Jews. It is estimated that more than 60 millions people across the globe lost their lives, peoples of all religions, peoples of all races, peoples of many nationalities.

Russia: Very Theresa May's style


A very straightforward explanation of Theresa May's actions against Russian Federation.

Britain Today: People exchanging sex for a place to live in

Britain Today: People exchanging sexual favours for a place to live in

If this is happening in the United Kingdom under Queen Elizabeth II, what can you expect of Third World Countries?

Britain is crumbling in more ways than one. Whether it is about ethnic cleansing provoked by flood immigration, passing of laws that defy natural order, political persecution, et cetera et cetera, whatever is left of some value is being downgraded, degraded or simply erased.

All the nice Christmas Messages cannot hide the human catastrophe. Political correctness, sexual scandals, corruption and apathy have eroded the edifice that is simply falling apart.

Monday, 26 March 2018

In Scotland a man was convited of teaching a dog to raise its leg

In Scotland a man was convicted of teaching a dog to raise its leg

Mark Meechan was convited by Sheriff O'Carroll in Scotland after being accused of promoting anti-Semitism for teaching his girlfriend's dog to raise its leg imitating a National Socialist Salute. How poor the world of comedy would be if everybody was to be judged by Sheriff O'Carroll?

Freddy Starr
How many movies could not have been made because making a salute or wearing an uniform could have been said to promote anti-Semitism? How many comedy acts would have been banned?

My personal opinion is that Sheriff O'Carroll is spending too much time in courtrooms and too much time listening to the muses of Political Correctness. He should spend more time watching satyre and comedies to be able to enter the real world.

It is also my opinion that he is ridiculed the entire Scottish Justice System making the Scottish Justice System a laughing stock.

The video went around the world for the enjoyment of countless viewers.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Theresa May's lack of political acumen gave Jeremy Corbyn a golden gift

Theresa May's lack of political acumen gave Jeremy Corbyn a golden gift

The handling of the incident involving a former MI6 agent has been the lowest point of Theresa May's career as Prime Minister of Britain.

For months, Theresa May has been battered and bruised for her performance in relation to the EU and an elusive deal to settle Britain's withdrawal from the EU.

Of course that in a first instance the incident involving the MI6 former agent and his daughter might have looked like a very good opportunity to divert attention from troublesome negotiations that have divided the Conservative Party from top to botton with factions within the party that threaten to derail the whole Brexit process. When the genie got out of the bottle as the incident got a life of its own, mass media pressures forced the hand of the Prime Minister to make a statement when there isn't concrete evidence about who's done it and why. She accused the Russian government and issued ultimatums that in the end will show how weak she really is. Her behaviour threatens to damage not just relationships between the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation but also relationships that will negatively affect the mass media. When the idea of banning RT was put forward, the Russian Federation immediately said that should Britain ban RT all British media will not be allowed to operate in the Russian Federation. But this is only one aspect of the predicament of her own making.

Another aspect of the predicament is that taking the issue to Parliament as she did she exposed the entire Conservative Party to criticism when the Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn asked the Prime Minister about donations made by Russian oligarchs to the Conservative Party. It is well known that many Russian oligarchs are opposed to President Putin because President Putin has campaigned against Russian oligarchs and chased many of them in cases of fraud. Many of those giving monies to the Conservative Party are naturally against the Russian government and are not reliable witnesses nor the kind of people you would like to be associated with.

Before the incident involving a former MI6 agent came to public knowledge, the Prime Minister was already struggling with the fact that in the electoral contest that is due to take place in May 2018 the Conservative Party is said to be bound to do pretty badly. She practically lost the 2017 General Election because of political miscalculation. If the Conservative Party does as badly as it has been foreseen, her position as Leader of the Conservative Party will become untenable. Giving the Labour Party the motto "Conservative Party funded by Russian Oligarchs", she has done the already faltering Conservative Party no favour whatsoever.

The Conservative Party has a very difficult relationship with many of the local Conservative Party associations and a disastrous performance in the coming local elections will not improve relationships between Central Office and local associations many of which are on a war footing complaining that Central Office imposed on them candidates that they didn't want. This time round the issue is local elections but the next time round it will be about seats in the House of Commons. A weakened leader, a divided Parliamentary party and seriously strained relations between Central Office and local associations is not a recipe for success.

Can the Conservative Party be salvaged? There are several factions in the Conservative Party and there is hardly one person that could unite them all. Jacob Rees Mogg is a highly consistent politician but is resisted by a number of Conservative MPs that have threatened to leave the party if Jacob Rees Mogg is elected Leader of the Conservative Party. In the end, having Jacob Rees Mogg could be a price worth paying for the sake of having a genuine Conservative Party. Jacob Rees Mogg offers traditional Conservative Party principles and clarity of purpose is what the Conservative Party most needs at this moment in time. 

Monday, 12 March 2018

Conservative Party fails to explain why it is accepting money from criminals

Conservative Party fails to explay why it is accepting money from criminals

The anti-Russian hysteria came to a climax in Britain, in a country that produces chemical weapons in Porton Down close to populated areas.

In the process, the Prime Minister failed to explain why the Conservative Party is being funded by criminals who hate President Putinn and hate the Russian Federation.

A whole chapter of fabrications was once again mentioned. Alexander Litvinenko was killed by MI5 when Andrei Lugovoi came to offer Litvinenko safe passage in exchange for compromising evidence against Boris Berezovsky at a time when Berezovsky was supporting Chechen rebels allied to AlQaeda and Taliban when British soldiers were fighting in Afghanistan.

After Alexander Litvinenko's death, I was asked to gather evidence against Boris Berezovsky but Berezovsky was killed by MI5 to tie up loose ends and put an end to the whole saga that was deeply damaging for the British government.

What a shambolic government and what a shambolic Parliament. Jeremy Corbyn was absolutely right to ask Conservatives why they are accepting monies from Mafia but Conservatives refused to return monies from criminals.