Friday, 15 December 2017

Freedom of Speech in danger

Political repression at its worst. When people are not allowed to speak freely, people will kill because violence will be the only way to get back rights that are being destroyed by Political Correctness. It happened before and it will happen again. Liberal and Marxists are making extremely serious mistakes.

Repression is a dam that sooner than later will burst with disastrous consequences.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Deutsche Welle: Muslim threat growing in Germany

Mentally retarded politicians in the United Kingdom that control equally inept Police Services in the United Kingdom go on the attack targeting those who are raising awareness against the dangers of Islam and they call the alert cries Islamophobia.

For exactly the same reasons that they allowed children to be raped by Muslim gangs in the United Kingdom for more than sixteen years, they are failing to protect the British public as it was revealed when Security Services that had all the relevant information to prevent massive number of fatalities and casualties failed to act.

Such attitudes are killing men, women and children in the United Kingdom and across Europe.

Políticos retardados mentales en el Reino Uniodo que controlan servicios policiales igualmente ineptos en el Reino Unido atacan a aquellos que tratan de informar sobre los peligros del Islam y califican los llamados de alerta Islamofobia.

Por exactamente las mismas razones que permitieron que niños fueran violados por pandillas musulmanas en el Reino Unido durante más de dieciseis años, no están protegiendo al público británico tal como fue revelado cuando los Servicios de Seguridad que tenían toda la información relevante para impedir un número masivo de muertos y de heridos no hicieron nada.

Esas actitudes están matando hombres, mujeres y niños en el Reino Unido y por doquier en Europa.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Listening to Britain First you understand that there are quite a few nutters in the House of Commons

Listening to Britain First you understand that there are quite a few nutters in the House of Commons.

Having seen the twits and having heard what the Prime Minister Theresa May said, what Home Secretary Amber Rudd said, what an SNP MP said and what Labour Party MPs including Yvette Cooper said in the House of Commons, I conclude that the House of Commons is inhabited by quite a few nutters who don't have a clue about what they are talking about. Prime Minister Theresa May - once again - made a fool of herself publicly telling what US President Donald Trump can say or cannot say. After a disastrous election called in a rush, Theresa May is still driven to make silly statements for the sake of very misguided Political Correctness. She accused President Donald Trump of showing what is really going on and she completely forgot to condemn the real perpetrators.

About Yvette Cooper MP I don't hold any hopes. She historically supported an illegal invasion that killed thousands of Iraqis and led to a massive exodus that some say was the trigger for the mess the Middle East Region has become. Her good judgement has gone missing more than once. With regards to SNP, I must say that they promised a false independence for Scotland and their sole role has become to create as many problems as possible for the country as a whole as some kind of retaliation when they didn't get their pseudo independence.

I went to listen to Britain First. I was there from beginning to end of a conference during which Paul Golding as Leader and Jayda Fransen as Deputy Leader explained very clearly their political aims. Not a word of Racism. Not a word of Fascism. What they both said had nothing to do with Racism and had nothing to do with Fascism proving that Members of the House of Commons including the British Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd have been lying to the British People by totally misrepresenting and falsely accusing the Leadership of Britain First.

The behaviour of several Members of Parliament and of Members of the British Government has been absolutely shameful and degrading. As if we didn't have enough with expenses fraud and improper sexual behaviour, Members of Parliament regularly misrepresent, falsely accuse and demonise fellow British Citizens. 

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Katie Hopkins: In a world for which alternative points of view are anathema

Katie Hopkins: As refreshing as troubling

The more the mass media and certain political operators appear to dislike Katie Hopkins the more I like her. There is something absolutely refreshing about the way she talks and challenges mountains of political correctness erected to stop people from saying what they really feel about the issues of the day.

Her very genuine style has come at a huge cost both financially and from a personal point of view but she keeps forging ahead taking things on the chin and moving forward. When she left LBC, LBC became all the poorer. I must say that I have practically stopped listening to LBC since she is no longer before the microphones of a broadcaster for which political correctness is the raison d'être. One wonders how far will people like Nigel Farage go before they are pushed out.

Her personal life has been fraught with difficulties from a very early age. She has had to struggle with very serious health issues from the very beginning but what would have been insurmountable obstacles have turned her into a formidable fighter. Her approach to life has been 'What do you want? Let's have it. Are you trying to pick up a fight with me? Show me what you have got."

Not even the Sun or the Daily Mail could handle the heat that she brings into everything she does. They cannot cope with the real McCoy. Whether you agree or disagree with what she says, she makes life interesting and worth living.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Jez Turner: Who pulls the strings of some members of the British government

Who pull the strings of some members of the British government and uses British Courts to promote its own agenda?

Jez Turner is being targeted for a case that was dismissed by the Crown Prosecution Service and reinstated by the very same Crown Prosecution Service because of pressure exerted by a lobby on very visible figures of the British government.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

National Action: Over-generalisation leading to gross injustices

National Action: Over-generalisation leading to gross injustices

Whether National Action has been banned or proscribed for whatever reasons that the British government hasn't fully justified with facts, we need to focus on the rights of individuals and on how those rights are being eroded.

We have seen demonstrations carried out by Islamic organisations in the United Kingdom that have publicly and very loudly talked saying that their fundamental aim is the destruction of the British Way of Life. They have not only burnt Poppies or insulted British Soldiers that were returning from the battlefields. They have actually engaged in the promotion of terrorism against Britain.

I don't see National Action doing anything of the sort. They are not going around detonating bombs in Manchester and London. They are not driving vehicles and killing people on the streets. They are not going around chasing girls and boys to rape them or to ply them with alcohol and drugs as some Muslim groups in the United Kingdom have done.

The British Government is using Anti-Terror Legislation to persecute people who are not involved in acts of terrorism and the definition of what constitutes Terrorism and what doesn't constitute Terrorism is open to abuse by British Authorities.

I happen to personally know individuals who are now facing the courts falsely accused of being involved in acts of terrorism. I did know Paul Hickman who took his own life facing the threat of a  court using kangaroo charges that are a total fabrication. I happen to personally know Jack Renshaw and Jack Renshaw is not the kind of person that would possible be what the British Authorities seem to believe that he is.

This issue affects me personally because I strongly believe that these injustices are being committed on the name of Political Correctness going mad.

I have personally written to the Home Office Secretary Amber Rudd MP, as I have written to Helen Hayes MP, Jo Swinson MP, and to the Head of the North East Counter Terrorism Unit, alerting them that extremely serious injustices are being committed and all for the sake of Political Correctness.

Whether any of the aforementioned British Authorities wants to take any notice of what I have said remains to be seen but the point has to be made.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Snap Election in Germany?

German coalition talks in tatters as FDP walked away from negotiations

Angela Merkel who barely got 26% of the vote in the recent German elections was desperately trying to form a coalition with FDP and the Greens. Immigration and Energy Policies were her undoing. With the Social Democracts in no mood to be members of any coalition, Germany would be heading for yet another Federal Election.

Immigration is a contentious issue in Germany linked to National Security and Public Security and Angela Merkel has made a gigantic mess that led to Alternative für Deutschland entering the Bundestag with 90 seats.

But in reality, the Greens are the ones to blame by calling for a reduction in coal-generated power that could lead to job losses in the energy and manufacturing sector and by campaigning to keep the immigration floodgates open.

Will I receive another letter from Peter Tauber? Most probably not. The German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier could soon have to dissolve the current parliament to have new elections.

During the coalition talks the CDU and the CSU talked about immigration restrictions. I hope Austria, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic take note of this and especially when EU under Angela Merkel's command took them to court trying to force them to accept more immigrants.