Thursday, 21 September 2017

BNP: The reality BNP members should know about

BNP: The reality BNP members should know about

Statement of Accounts 2016 Electoral Commission

The British National Party was run from a room in an industrial park in Cumbria until head office was moved to a room above a supermarket. Looking at successive Statements of Accounts presented to the Electoral Commission members and those making donations to the British National Party will be shocked when they know exactly what is being done with their membership monies and donations.

 The picture is just a sample of the full Statement of Accounts presented to the Electoral Commission. As it appears, three people - the Leader Adam Walker, the Deputy Leader Clive Jefferson and the PA to the Leader pay themselves 122,691 Pound a year. But this is not all. Given how the party is run, it is very difficult to justify 162,162 Pound spent in what is labelled in the Statement of Accounts as Branch. For a party that barely appears on the news and given the fact that local branches of the organisation - the few that are still around - self-finance themselves - and given the fact that the party was merely able to stand less than 10 candidates in a General Election and took part in a few by-elections, the amount of 27,948 Pound as Campaigning fund is even more difficult to justify. Then comes 45,381 Pound claimed to have been spent in Commercial Activities.

But apart from the issue that after an initial analysis the numbers that appear on the Statement of Accounts 2016 are not credible, the question arises about where the monies actually go and serious doubts arise about what amount of money the Leader and the Deputy Leader are actually taking home and how much income they are actually declaring in their Income Tax Declarations sent to the Inland Revenue, in which case we could be talking about tax evasion.

Looking at past and present Statement of Accounts, the Deputy Leader Clive Jefferson, who at one point asked the party for monies to be used for private purposes, now appears to have become a lender to the party. Here comes the issue of legacies. Are legacies made to the party as an organisation or are legacies that should be made to the organisation being made to Clive Jefferson that then proceeds 'to lend money to the party'?

What is the situation from a legal standpoint? Is this done in accordance with present legislation regarding political parties and taxation for both political parties and individuals?

However, the bigger issue involves the members and those who continue giving money to the British National Party. Be very much aware of what is being done in your name and of who is benefiting from your hard earned money. If you are somebody thinking about becoming a member, about making a donation or writing a legacy to the British National Party or giving you legacy to the Deputy Leader of the British National Party, think very carefully because apart from publishing a website and organising phantom political campaigns with the few people still willing to stand in Elections, the organisation is being run for the sole benefit a few individuals at the top - less than five - who are cashing in monies that are supposed to be used for political purposes, monies that end up being used for private purposes.

We have no doubt that within the organisation and especially at local branch level there are true believers that are not there for private interest but have a legitimate interest. Unfortunately, the one body that was supposed to oversee the actions of the Leadership and what is done on behalf of the organisation - the National Executive Council - is now namely Clive Jefferson himself that also happens to be the Deputy Leader and National Treasurer.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Home Office: UK/EU Citizens

Home Office: A catalogue of errors is being made public regarding status of EU citizens

Mistakes made by Home Office staff concerning the status of EU citizens living and working in the United Kingdom are being publicised to show that some Home Office staff don't have a clue about Immigration Law.

People who are still duly entitled to live and work in the United Kingdom are having to go to court to counter the ignorance of Home Office staff that are sending threatening letters and unduly taking away rights from people that are fully entitled to live and work in the United Kingdom because the United Kingdom as long as so called Brexit is fully implemented in 2019 will still be a member country of the European Union.

How could this be happening? Aren't Home Office staff properly trained? Do they have an understanding of Immigration Laws and of the status of EU citizens in the United Kingdom?

We know about cases that are mentioned by mass media. What about cases that are not even mentioned by mass media? How many people are being wrongly told that they have no rights?

Whenever and wherever irregularities occur, those involved in committing irregularities should be made accountable and those in charge should be made accountable.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Climate: Some tribes still believe that dancing produces rain

Climate: Some tribes still believe that dancing produces rain

Climate phenomena are part of the normal evolution of Planet Earth.

Climate has been constantly changing as land masses change and keep moving and there is little we can do to alter this process of change. At the beginning, it is said that there was only one land mass called Pangaea and that Pangaea broke down into several pieces evolving towards what we have got today as continents. Climate evolved non stop. To say that Climate changes because of Man is an absurdity promoted by individuals that should know better. Earth's position around the Sun has changed. The Solar System's position in what we call the Universe has changed. Change is a constant in the lives of Stellar Systems and therefore we have to expect more changes in the future and some more dramatic than others. Most probably the time will when Earth will be like Planet Mars. Whether Humanity has the technology that will enable it to move to another Planets it remain to be seen but this vastly exceeds our own life time and as Humanity also evolves our descendants might end up being quite different from us.

As Antoine de Lavoisier stated: Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed. Everything is transformed. Change is a constant and we better accept it. This is the message to the Environmentalists. You are not going to prevent changes by over-charging for services i.e. taxes on air travel. Taxing people with the pretext of doing it to prevent climate change is like the actions of Native Americans jumping around and shouting to make rain fall. It is absolutely nonsensical.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin: A conscientious and responsible leader

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin: A conscientious and responsible leader not just of the Russian Federation but of the whole World

If if wasn't for the Russian President that excels in patience and moderation, World War Three would have already started. At all times he has reacted calmly and diplomatically to prevent a descent into widespread chaos.

There is a huge difference between Western Leaders and Russian leaders like President Vladimir Putin. While Western leaders rise to power thanks to private investors and mass media, Russian leaders rise to power because of their innate skills and commitment to public duty.

Despite the premeditated attempts of some politicians of the European Union to create an European conflict, the Russian Leadership under the guidance of President Vladimir Putin maintained a wise approach to stop the Ukrainian crisis from becoming a new Sarajevo. When faced with the conflict in Asia, once again, the Russian Leadership under the guidance of President Vladimir Putin has appealed for calm and moderation to prevent a debacle trigger by a confrontation between the USA and North Korea.

For a very long time, a cabal has tried to destroy the Russian Federation and Russia's reputation in the world. The confrontation with Iran, the confrontation in Syria, the chaotic actions in Libya, the crisis in Ukraine have been motivated by premeditated actions that suit a clear agenda. The Russian Federation is a moderating influence in the World and they don't like it. The Russian Federation is building bridges of cooperation across the World and they don't like it. Rabid Capitalism doesn't like a Nation that stands for principles and cooperation with all those who want to work in peace.

National Action: Proscribed but Thriving Organisation

National Action: Organisation banned in the United Kingdom.
The organisation known as National Action might have been proscribed but its numbers are rising steadily. In more than one way, the fact that it has been declared illegal in the United Kingdom has made it even more attractive for anyone who is fed up of what is happening today in British politics.

I speak regularly with many disenchanted members of certain political parties that tell me that "there is no longer a political solution and that they will be joining groups like National Action".

Whether they finally join or don't join National Action, the fact remains that National Action numbers keep growing and now include members of the British Armed Forces, people who have military training, have access to weaponry, and now have an ideological foundation and direction of travel.

The Independent newspaper published an article about the fact that Police authorities are investigated the British Armed Forces because elements of the British Armed Forces have been found to be linked to National Action.

I contacted The Independent to talk about the subject but they haven't come back to me - maybe they will do so in the future. National Action is just one of a myriad of smaller groups that have made the transition from political parties to political movements. Politische Partein/Politische Bewegungen.

There are paramilitary training camps across the United Kingdom where many youngsters are given a cocktail of military training and ideological formation. These are not the usual Sturmabteilungen. They are more like fully-fledged Schutzstaffel.

Lizzie Dearden is a beginner in this area of research. I was active in the 1970s and 1980s in Latin America and very much aware of political strategies used by paramilitary organisations like National Action but the level of sophistication has risen exponentially. There are Blue Collar National Action members and White Collar National Action members and they are very much part of everyday Britain.

White Collar National Action members are members of organisations and institutions that are not publicly associated with the ideals of National Action. When political success is a long way away, infiltration is the most successful strategy. If I were to reveal even a small number of names, the country would be up for a massive emotional shock because many individuals usually associated as active anti-Far Right campaigners are National Action members in disguise.

Friday, 1 September 2017

North Korea: There is a lot more to think about apart from who is right and who is wrong

North Korea: There is a lot more to think about apart from who is right and who is wrong

While the mass media and exchanges in Internet Social Media are about who is right and who is wrong, there are much more fundamental issues to talk about.

We should reflect on the potential repercussions of military action and about the Law of Unintended Consequences.

More than 150,000 Chinese soldiers are being deployed right now along the border between China and North Korea. Tank units of the Russian Army are being deployed near the border between Russia and North Korea.

The expectation is that should nuclear facilities in North Korea are hit by the USA there is going to be widespread panic and hundreds of thousands of North Korea are going to be fleeing towards neighbouring countries including China and Russia.

But there is yet another element in the equation. When some years ago, there was a nuclear accident at Chernobyl, many countries including some faraway from Chernobyl suffered the consequences of the radiation waves coming out of Chernobyl.

Should nuclear installations in North Korea be hit, the potential for a regional catastrophe is very high. It is being said that radiation waves will hit Vladivostok within two hours. What will be the political and military consequences if radiation waves spread around one of the most populated areas of the planet? How will ordinary people react? My instinct tells me that there is going to be widespread rage that could push neighbouring countries over the edge on the path to all-out war and that alliance politics will create a major military conflict that could engulf the entire region.

This is not about what North Korea says or what USA says. This is not about who is right and who is wrong. This is not about soundbites. This is about what it could really happen if things get totally out of control.

President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation is absolutely right about the potential for a worldwide disaster. With the words of Sergei Ivanov still ringing in my ears stating that if there is war in Europe it is not going to be a nuclear war but a conventional war, I look at the Law of Unintended Consequences. What guarantees are there to avoid Nuclear War if all the major players in the region and members of the Security Council of the Organisation of the United Nations are involved in a major military conflict?

I think that the escalation of a regional conflict can have unpredictable consequences in the same manner that an event in Sarajevo triggered events that led to World War One and in the same manner that the invasion of Poland on September 1st 1939 started a chain reaction that led to World War Two, events in a small Asian country have the potential to create a massive conflict that could reach every single country in the world. Why? Because the World of today is much more interconnected, the kind of conflict we would be about to witness could have have catastrophic economic repercussions that could certainly lead to widespread political upheaval.

Like I wrote at the beginning, the issue at this point is not who is right and who is wrong. If what I think that could happen happens, it will not matter who is right and who is wrong.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Certain charities are less than charitable with those they employ

Certain Charities are less than charitable with those they employ

You cannot walk around any major city, including London, without seeing charity workers asking passers-by for donations. You cannot watch television in the UK without being bombarded with adverts published by charities asking viewers for donations.

On the surface, their activities might seem like something done for the common good but there is another side of the charitable organisations and it is not pretty. They usually employ youngsters on Zero Hour Contracts, paid by the hour, with no working guarantees whatsoever. If those they employ don't manage to convince enough people to part with their monies, they are immediately fired and left to their own devices with none of the rights that usually protect those in employment. The said charitable organisations use monies paid to them to pay the salaries of their bosses and only a minimum amount of the monies donated to them reach those they say that they want to help.

To put it mildly, they are rip-off schemes targeting people who are desperate to get an income and have no other means to survive and fooling passers-by who are made to believe that they are doing a lot of good by giving monies to the said charitable organisations. There are so many of the said charitable organisations that it would be difficult to compile a definitive list.

I reckon that legislation involving charities should be updated and made more stringent to get rid of rip-off schemes, to protect those that they employ in very irregular conditions and to protect members of the public that might be fooled by the said charitable organisations.