Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Religion is absolute utter nonsense

Religion is nothing more than absolute utter nonsense

Since time immemorial, millions of peoples have believed in gods, Heaven and Hell in one way or another to try and explain what they could not understand or to try and have some kind of comfort when faced with the barbarity of something we call Life on Earth.

To make matters worse, following the chosen Faiths, human beings have gone on the rampage injuring, torturing, killing and enslaving those seen as non believers and many words have been coined to deal with the struggles generated by a collective act of madness.

But putting aside the struggles of man against man, a quick look at how what we call Nature works, shows us examples of the utmost cruelty. We can say that Man is Wolf of Man, but what about the rest of what we call Creation. Creation is a show of cruelty in which A eats B, B east C and C east D. Millions of lives are being destroyed every second, every minute, every hour to maintain what we call the Cycle of Life. How could a Loving God have created such monstrosity? Until our own demise occurs, we see millions of deaths including many millions of deaths to keep us alive.

The Cycle of Life, a cycle of continuous destruction and pain is nothing to be proud of and I don't think that we should thank anybody, including the entity that we loosely call God, for having generated such a diabolic reality.

I see wars. I see people starving. But I also see that in order to stay alive we are constantly destroying lives. We did not create the rules of this that we call Life. If such Life was created by some super-being, the said super-being is certainly a sadistic monster.

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